Thursday, November 27, 2008

7 BeAry faktz

Erlyr this munth us bears wur 'tagged' (we had to Google that wurd.. 'tagged' as to us it is either a gayme or sumfink that you wer when let owt of prison irly!) by sum 1 who sleep wawks and dribbles at the same tyime .. respeckt to Somnambulistic Ramblings

the rools are :
1. Lynk to your tagger and list theeze rools on your blog.
2. Share 7 fackts about yourself on your blog - sum random, some wee-erd.
3. Tag 7 peepol at the end of your post by leaving ther nayms as well as lynks to ther blog.
4. Let them no they hve been tagged by leeving a comment on ther blog.

Us bears hve bin bizzy thinkin of stuff.
2 bears picked 3 thinks eech and 1 bear did 1 whitch = 7
xrta Qdos if yoo can guess whitch bear sed wat???

1. Although lacking in certain departments I still look at girly bears

2. I love high heels but they play havoc with the stuff my feet where stuffed with ...... but I like it
3. Repairs to my hands and feet were made from a WWII flying jacket

4. I covet Grumpy Ted's nice long arms...not only are they totally HOT, but I'm getting really tired of holding my short fat little stubby arms out to the side all the time.

5. Daddy Papersurfer punches me at least once a week ....... and I like it
6. I'm thinking of getting a piercing.

7. I'm wearing a little black bra.........and I like it.

so ther you hve it... 7 facktz abowt uz.
No whu to tag????

1. Bob T. Bear Esq. Bekoz he hs encuragged us bears to not bee ashamd abowt tie-pin in ar troo langwedge. Dtalectz ar diffrent but we undastand eech ovver..... wtg Bob :-)

2. Dulwich Mum. Bekoz she is so cleva and rites so well and she has a cuwl handbag avatar

3. Medstudent wife. Bekoz she is nhon as "Evil Queen of the Universe" and lives in Paradise.....cuewl

4. Iam a Woman, see me Blog. Bekoz she is ace, hs a gr8 blog and livez such a long whey awhey...

5. Shinade. bekoz she luvs us bears and put a lampshade on her hed for our blog :-)

6.Hungry Mother.Bekoz he won Tencent Tipsy and hs a kampavan... smooove

7. DADDY PAPERSURFER. Bekoz he is grumpier than GT and to ask him to tAche part will make his cardbord hed explooode... hee hee

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Grumpy and little Ted have been so bored waiting for stories to come in about the exploits of other toys they’ve started playing hide and seek.

I know …… they’re rubbish but I’m playing along to keep them happy.

“ …… nine hundred and ninety eight ………. nine hundred and ninety nine ….. ONE THOUSAND ……. coming ready or not!!!!”

[Those lovely people at Fuelmyblog arranged with Wholebake to send some snacky thingies to Grumpy – he’s been having a bit of trouble opening the parcel with his paws so his incisive and cogent criticisms and assessment won’t be published for a few days – damn, I’ve got crumbs on the keyboard now …. Whoops]

Written by Daddy Papersurfer whilst Grumpy is missing – tee hee

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

AHOY from Naples, Florida!

Just a quick update to let you all know that I have arrived at my new home
and that Hungry Mother (aka: Bill) is indeed a man! He wasted no time in taking me out and showing me some of his favorite sights here, here, and HERE in Florida...yep, I think I'm really gonna like being a landlubber!
'Til next time,
~ Ten Cent Tipsy

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jolly Jack Tar.... and the winner is???

Ahoy there me hearties!

Remember me?

Yes it is I the bear who couldn't remember his name.

The dear bears on Dear Teddy ran a competition to see if any of you lovely people out there recognised me.

I have been on tenterhooks for days now as the bears extended the closing date due to Busy Bear being well... very busy smooshing with his friends, Grumpy Ted was partying as it was his birthday and Snowy Bear has had some more cosmetic enhancements (not sure what he has had done this time though but I am sure he will tell you all in due course..).

Anyway this morning I received an envelope delivered by carrier pigeon all the way from The United Kindgom.... how exciting

When I opened it there was a short note from SNoWy which read

'Hey dude here are the names that we have collected these past few weeks. I have put each name on separate pieces of paper, folded up just to make it a bit more exciting for you... good luck....

SnOwY (& BB and GT)'

A 'first rate' idea but why he didn't just e mail me is anyones guess?... I maybe living in a hut with a very strange fisherman but we do have WiFi.. tsk. Oh well anything for a bit of drama hey SnOwy?

So I sat in the sunshine on the dockside all 'bouyed up' and opened each one up in turn.

The first one I opened was 'Sheets O'Brien'. My that made me laugh.
Gosh 'olds Sheets' or '3 Sheets' we used to call him ... mad as a hatter with a gastric problem, if you get my drift. No that ain't me!

Horatio Hetherington-Snogworthy? Nice name, very grand but alas not me (mmm? but it may be useful to adopt when chatting up the ladies, that'll impress them?)
Captain Theodore Stubig? Wasn't he a famous guy off TV? or was that Stubing?
A handsome chap just like me if I may say so..... but again not me.

And so I continued until there was only one piece of paper left in the envelope... I took a swig of 'Dutch courage' from my hip flask. I did feel by now I was 'flogging a dead horse', and 'in the doldrums' as to what was 'in the offing'!

I didn't want to 'make heavy weather' of it so I closed my eyes and unravelled the last scrap of paper...........

Well 'shiver me timbers' this last one sure 'passed with flying colours', the 'son of a gun' recognised me ...........

My name................... my name is .................Ten Cent Tipsy (or 10c for short, pronounced 'tensee').

I immediately e mailed the bears to find out who it was that guessed my name.... I got the reply back just a moment ago (darned time zones there is always someone sleeping when you need them!)

I can hardly contain myself...... I have got a new home with
Hungry Mother.

Hi babe I am on my way.
Whatta ya mean
Hungry Mother is a man??

He has a motor home and he travels around a lot?
Fantastic! ooo I do like the 'cut of his jib'.
Can I sit on your dashboard HM and come on adventures with you..... please?
Oh I am going to love this being a 'landlubber'.

What adventures we will have together and I can tell you yarns of my life at sea you will not believe.

I have packed my bag and I am now off to Busy Bears place until
Hungry Mother emails him to see where to send me next...... please e mail Busy Bear soon I am so excited, riding on the top of a big wave just now.

A BIG Thank you to everyone who took the time to post suggested names on Dear Teddy, you are all so very kind. I will be sure to tell any other 'lost' bears I come across on my travels to pop in here to find a good home. Oh and thank you Pedro for putting me up..... USA here I come.......

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Grumpy Ted, Now You Are An Antique!!

Happy Bearthday to Grumpy Ted!
(And his dear sweet old cuddler, Daddy Pee Pee!)You get to put this Bearthday Badge on your personal page!
...or I will do it for you. look so HOT in this shirt.
All the cool toys are gonna want one now!

SnOwY bEaR and I look forward to sharing many more
Happy Bearthdays with you!
~Busy Bear
(aka: Busy Bossy Boffin Bear)


Hmmmm....Whaddaya think SnOwY bear?
....the hat helps,

but he still looks Grumpy to me!

OK...added balloons!!!

So why is he still so Grumpy looking?!?!

Did someone say PANTS!?

Hmmm....I this helping?!?!?

Maybe some cake will cheer him up....Dang! He's a tough old bear, ain't he?

I wonder what's inside the PRESENT? Maybe if GRUMPY TED clicks on it we will find out!?


Happy Birthday No-Longer-Grumpy-Ted!


Novembear 6th

Today's the day the teddy bears are partying coz today is Grumpy's Bearthday.

He tried to keep it quiet from us at Dear Teddy but his 'cuddler' let it slip a while ago in an email to mine and BB's cuddlers tee hee.

I have put my special Bearthday T-shirt on especially for the occasion... d
o you like it?

Thought you may like on too.... use scissor shop and get your 'cuddler' to stitch or pin it on you

So come on Grumpy party like it is 1899......
some of your relatives have already started
Stop press

Apparently it is this Old Git's Bearthday too

Monday, November 3, 2008


I thought I'd had a rough and tough life but Teddy Banstead takes the biscuit [or waffle]. For those who are feeling very brave read about him here.

His terrible story was sent to me by a friend of Daddy Papersurfer's. He is a non-blogger [shame on you sir] called Pettulant.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Colin (the cardboard box).

Hello - my name is Colin (the cardboard box).

As you can see I've been really loved and played with for my whole life. Originally I contained toilet paper in a warehouse in Sidcup..............

Read the rest of this heart wrenching story in the toy cupboard ....... I suggest you have a box of tissues handy.

Story sent in by Penfold
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