Sunday, February 22, 2009

tag and 'bear all'

Yes us bears have been 'tagged' to reveal 7 weird facts about us. The fact we are stuffed toys must be number one !!! However, us bears got together and came up with 7 more. The tag was from Dear Frac :-)

Just putting a slant on the answers can you guess who said what 'bear in mind we are all guys' ??

Although lacking in certain departments I still look at girly bears
I'm thinking of getting a piercing.

I have a collection of tattoos and shoes

Repairs to my hands and feet were made from a WWII flying jacket

Daddy Papersurfer punches me at least once a week ....... and I like it
I'm still wearing that little black bra that Olga's blog-mistress made for me.........and I like it.
I love to dress up male or female and I like it

Now we have to tag another 7... Snowy Bear has strutted his stuff... are there 7 from Snowy & Grumpy??

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hello ...My Name is Barnaby Bear

My name is Barnaby

I don't have one particular 'cuddler' as I belong to a Primary school in the United Kingdom.
I have many cuddlers aged 3 to 10 years old & have no idea how old I am (I know there will be a lot of 'age envy' out there lol) nor can I add mt Bearthday to the list.

Despite all my many cuddlers I do yearn to have just one special cuddler but I have learned to accept that my life is to be passed from one person then to another. A bit like Olga really. However, I am passed to a young cuddler and have never been used as a sling shot (I have been 'sicked' on a few times but would rather not talk about that eeeew).

My role with these young cuddlers is to be whisked around the world and holiday. It is a tough old role but you know someone has to do it (I must say and hate to admit it BUT these young 'cuddlers' cuddle hard for England as they look at me as being so special....I do get exhausted with all the hugz and adventures)

Oh I even have a passport too like Olga. I have been all around the Egypt, America, Hong Kong, Australia, Africa, all around Europe oh my word too many places to mention .. but I love to just come home and sit and contemplate my furry navel in the safety of my school.

When I return to school the 'cuddler' of the moment puts up a display of what we have done and where we have been.

I managed to save one adventure I had in Jersey a few years ago

posted by Snowy Bear
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