Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bearthdays ....

It was my bearthday yesterday ... but it would seem it was ALL about my 'kudler's' day.. such is life being a bear companion to a kudler!! We always take a back seat ;(

It's ok I am used to it.. but hey I got a big hug from kudler to compensate :-)

It will be February soon and we are lacking on Bearthday Bears ...... so come on hook up and join in we just love bearthdays :-)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


There was a new arrival this Christmas and I must say at first my nose was put out of joint a bit *grumph* ........... I thought she was rather soppy. I really prefer being on my own just watching the world go by ...........

.......... but we started chatting and actually Geraldine turned out to be quite friendly and we have a lot in common including some relatives in Upper Dicker.

Apparently an older Ted makes her feel more secure and safe .......... who am I to argue? *grumph*

Please don't tell Daddy Papersurfer - he's still under the misapprehension that he's my only friend. He can get a bit jealous.

Tomorrow we're going to try and sneak out to play bingo in the village hall - I hope my arm doesn't fall off.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Drowsey's Dirty Doll (Yes, Another One)

I Never Had a Name.
That's right, I never had a name and now I'm all smelly!
Look at me, I'm so pretty and cute but the little girl who "owned" me never named me.
She was a bit spoiled anyway and had way too many dolls. Of course most of them at least had names. Sheesh. She did like me and always kept me in very good condition. Although I seem to be missing an elastic band for one of my braids. But that's the least of my problems.

You see, I got caught in a flood and now have a moldy smell. The worst part? The grown-up lady is allergic to mold and keeps me in a Rubbermaid container with a few other smelly keepsakes. It's one nasty smell-o-ramma in here!

I'm too cute and precious for this crap! But what's a doll to do?

Here's my plea: Convince this lazy lady to give me a bath! If your comment persuades her to wash me, then you'll win this adorable handmade Blue Teddy Bear Glycerin Toy Soap!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

welcome special bear.......

Today I got an e mail from Medstudent Wife :-)

The mail was titled 'a bear story for dear teddy' and the text simply said
' Well sort of... at least a real live birthday'....MSW :-D

Intrigued I hurried along to her little piece of Paradise and was simply bowled over ......Medstudent Wife has has given life to a brand new teddy ... you can never have enough bears in this world thats what I say....

The bear is beautiful and whats more it is KNITTED .... WTG MSW ;-)
We know how much Grumpy Ted's cuddler Daddy Papersurfer loves knitted stuff :-)

This dear teddy has no name but this is not a problem (unlike when we featured Jolly Jack Tar bear with no name). Very soon this special bear will have a brand new cuddler who I know will cuddle the stuffing out of her and give her a name that is personal to them.

MSW has given life to this bear in order that it can be sent to a child who is suffering from HIV/AIDS in countries that are less fortunate than our own...... this fabulous idea is organised by Mother Bear Projects and folk from all over the world have donated money and knitted bears for this cause.

The childrens faces are pure magic and I must say that it has brought a tear to this old teddys eye.

Everyone who has taken part is simply wonderful and I wonder if there is anything Dear Teddy can do to help?......... my cuddler has been known to knit a few things over the years and I just wonder.......???? or maybe Busy Bear could get involved ????

I have added this special bears bearthday (wow a real birth day!!) to the Janubeary Bearthday list under the name of 'ta dah me'... as she has no name as yet

You must pop over to MSW blog and see how from a ball of wool (or 2 or 3) a beautiful bear has been created that will inevitably raise a beautiful smile .....

Thank you for sharing this with us MSW x

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