Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jolly Jack Tar seeks new home

Ahoy everyone

Allow me to introduce myself I am ........?

Well I know I am a bear but unfortunately due to a bit of tumble on board ship I cannot remember my name. I'd rather not talk about it but what I would say is, it involved a rough sea crossing, losing my ID over board and one too many tots of rum.....the sun was over the yardarm I hasten to add.

My name is on the tip of my furry little tongue but alas it just won't come to me.

No worries though I am sure that the readers of this sterling blog can help me. The chaps here have allowed me to feature oost in a bid to achieve two goals.

1. To help me remember my name &

2. To find a lovely new home.

As you can tell from my rather smart uniform I was 2nd Officer on board the cruise liner 'Marches of Dime' and was only ever referred to on board as '2nd Officer' or 'oi you there'.

The Marches of Dime is a grand old ship and she has been my home for many a seafaring year.

I have been to places you can only dream about, had great firework parties and although not quite having a woman in every port, I certainly have had some fun (if you know what I mean - *wink wink* *nudge nudge*).

Tragically since my unfortunate 'accident', as well as losing my name, my sea legs have left me too and I am unable to sail the seven seas anymore (the Captain has got tired of having the poop deck swilled after each venture out of port). It is time, I am afraid, to hang up my hat and become a land lubber.

It is to this end that I need your help.

If you can guess my name and (if you don't think this is too forward of me) I will come and live with you.

I am a very clean able bodied bear (see how white my uniform is?), I always put the toilet seat down, I can cook, make great cocktails (learned this through my travels), I sing a mean sea shanty and I will keep you amused for hours with my yarn spinning of the high seas.

Hey, you could even send the tales I tell you to the 3 bears here and they can share them with all their readers.

Currently I am at barrack stanchioned in a hut dockside in Venezula with a gnarly old 'down in the jib' fisherman called Pedro but I will have to move in a few weeks (Pedro has some very strange bedroom habits indeed.....)

Busy Bear has offered to put me up in the short term... but to be honest, he really doesn't need any more long term house guests to stay.

The guys on ship have tried many names to try and jog my memory, some weren't that pleasant I can tell you...... so please have a go and splice the main brace... you can suggest as many times as you like .......

SnOwY eD:-
To help you I will post the suggested names by viewers here.....
Don't worry if you have not had time to think yet as plenty of time... what is the closing date for this .. you may well ask ??
Hows about 5th Novemeber .. next Wednesday :-) ***UPDATE: Deadline extended to Sunday NOVEMBER 9th***
Sheets O'Brien
Ropes O'Flaherty
Twine O'Thatslikely
Vestil Virgil
Captain Theodore Stubig/Stoobig
Barnacle Bill
Saline Drip aka Gaylord Trumper
Ten Cent Tipsy
Sir Skipper
Sir Goofy Gillian
Sir Thirsty Thurston
Horatio Hetherington-Snogworthy
Benedict Arnold
Shipmate Frogger
Sea mate Ernest Hemingway
Chessington Barnaclebottom the third [from the right]


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I know you!!!! you're Sheets O'Brian, that Irish bear that could drink any one under the table ..... remember me? Daddy Pee who could ....... well never mind that ...... nice to see you. If you want somewhere to stay, there's always a berth over at my place

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I know you!!!! you're Ropes O'Flaherty, that Irish bear that could drink any one under the table ..... remember me? Daddy Pee who could ....... well never mind that ...... nice to see you. If you want somewhere to stay, there's always a berth over at my place

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I know you!!!! you're Twine O'Thatslikely, that Irish bear that could drink any one under the table ..... remember me? Daddy Pee who could ....... well never mind that ...... nice to see you. If you want somewhere to stay, there's always a berth over at my place

70steen said...

Gosh Daddy Pee pee you know a lot of sailors??

I think he looks a bit like Vestil Virgil off a Bulgarian grain ship that docked in Liverpool in the
70s .........

Busy Bear said...

I was gonna say the same thing...a lot of drunken Irish sailors! Hey...my grandaddy bear Sean McBoffin Bear was a sailor!...I wonder if Daddy Pee Pee knew him?

70steen said...

hey my grand daddy bear was a sailor too and was from Down Souff (Freddy 'the Flybear by night' do you know him?... Daddy Pee Pee knows everyone....

Dorky Dad said...

Clearly, that bear is Captain Theodore Stubing. I don't care if that's the winning name or not ... totally looks like Stubing to me.

Dangit. Now I've got the Love Boat theme song in my head. So do you.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

I think that's Barnacle Bill the Sailor! I don't want to talk about why I think that. Let's just say he's very tenacious and keep him away from beer and women.

Busy Bear said...

Thanks Dorky Dad...but I always thought it was Captain Stoobig. Then again, I dunno...I get confused so easily.

Grumpy Ted said...

You all know nothing, it's Able Seaman Saline Drip known to his friends as Gaylord Trumper because of his habit of ...... oh never mind, I don't really want to talk about that.

Hungry Mother said...

I believe you are my old sea chum, Ten Cent Tipsy, named for your two bad habits: drinking too much and stiffing the bartenders.

Shinade said...

Well I would add Sir Skipper but as he was clearly the 2nd mate then I shall tag him Sir Goofy Gilligan:-)))

Shinade said...

Of course if he is wealthy and he does like to drink a lot...how about Sir Thirsty Thurston?

Now I have The Love Boat and Gilligan's Island stuck in my head!!:-)))

Busy Bear said...

SnOwY bEaR - I Googled Captian Stoobig and the correct spelling is Stubing. There is a rather uncanny resemblance. I wonder???

70steen said...

Oh there is something about a bear in a uniform .... how about
Horatio Hetherington-Snogworthy


SnOwY bEaR said...

BB (or BBBB) - googling its too big must have brought up a multitude of sights (I am shielding my eyes now)

yes I see a resemblance with 2nd Officer but that guy has too much 'scrambled egg' on his shoulder for this bear (scrambled egg is the amount of stripes he has.. ah that reminds me about the time when I had such 'scrambled egg'....)

SnOwY bEaR said...

some fabby names posted here ... I am not going to show them to '2nd Officer' until the 5th November so keep them coming ... ;-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Chessington Barnaclebottom the third [from the right]

purplefrog said...

Benedict Arnold?
Shipmate Frogger?
Sea mate Ernest Hemingway?
The one who can drink the most- Robert the beer can?
Very forgetfull Jack Sparrow the third?

Shinade said...

A surprise for you bears!!


I hope you like!!:-))

And it's not a tag, a meme, or an award.....no work involved at all!!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SnOwY bEaR said...

ah don't you just love spammy bears... how many of us stuffed toyz need viagra with the instructions in Greek... come on hands up?? Not me I may be nearly 50 but I can still shuffle my stuffing when it is needed ;-)

Spammers .. don't make me say the 'F' word followed by off... !!

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