Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fownd 'im or did he fynd us?

after a week or so of fretin...... the lost old 'bluddy.' bear turned up... wearing a Santa hat and a 'winnerz' medal.

It turnz owt he has bin partying until the wee small 'ourz and he haz bin wurried about returning to the US coz of the fact he was 'replacement baer' and not the numero uno bear. Howeva, on his travelz he 'as told me he has met a new friend... who he wants to take bak to the U S of A.
He made me cloze my eyez whilst he put whoeva in the box, plus sum otha perzonal items ... he then jumped in himself and slammed the lid shut..........

All I could 'ere was a muffled voice calling 'seal us up and send us off'...... Sue, I can tell you was distraught, his behaviour was so rash and bizarre!!! She wanted to say goodbye properly .. instead all she cud do was hug de box.

I persawaded my Kuddler to take the box to the post office for me (god only nose wat he put in it as it was way heavy and I cudn't manage him on me own!!)

So dat is dat... RP is off back to Cal-eee- forn -eye- A... it only feels like yesterday when he landed in Blighty

So here are a few linx to the adventures RP had in the UK

Safe journey RP ... we will miss you xxx

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Haz eny1 ceen this bear??

I aM conzernd...

I have this bear staying with me from the US of A... he is Replacement Bear .. the Bear that Busy Bear has tried to get rid of for yearz....
any waze he arrived here last Xmaz and has bean the purfict howse guest.. he cleanzs up afta hiself and is kwite kwiet mostly but he doez have an eye for Typikally Inglish roses of a gal Bears....

I tuk him to the 'Bear All Club ' on Tuezday and he dizsappeared suddenly. Pwease keep a luk out as he is due home to Cal- ee- forn-I-A by dis Xmas

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

bEaR wiT nO NaMe ALerT.............

Just bin doin' a bit of surfin' and I can't believe it there is a bear out there wit no name!!!
Bear in 3D
Ok guys shake yourselves out of hibernation and get your stuffin' heads together and let Karen @ Blazingminds know some of your sugeestions ...... she is a 'ickle gurl bear so Grumpy do try and be on your bestest behaviour and Busybear cud you manage to send some Cal-e-forn-eye-A sunshine over too.

posted by Snowybear

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Every full moon me and my friends just have to do this ......

I wish I didn't have stuffing for brains because I'd like to know why.

If anyone can offer a cogent and rational explanation I'd be extremely grateful.

In the meantime I'm going to catch up on some reading ..... Descartes discourse on method should fit the bill ...... and then a little snooze.

Yours in anticipation

Mr. G. Teddington M Phil -led with stuffing

Saturday, June 27, 2009

They Bearly Noticed Us

Way hay ... we did it ... we smuggled ourselves into the huge amount of luggage that was being taken on holiday. I knew me and Replacement Bear (RP) could so it ...

It was way stuffy being stuffed in the boot (trunk for BB & our other American readers)... I must say RP and my years combined add up to a whole huge amount years and that is no way to treat us guys ... but hey we were going on holiday (in secret) so I suppose it is worth it.

Don't ask me where as there ain't no windows in a boot (trunk).

Where ever we were when the kuddlers were distracted unpacking we explored our surroundings.... fizzy booze and chocolate ... how better can this holiday get??

mmm have you noticed how RP made it head long to the 'pop'??

The weather was glorious and me & RP caught some 'rays'... I must say that the heat on the old fur made RP smell a bit!!!

After arduous days lying in the sunshine we spent the evening chilling out with the other stuffed toys Teen Kudler had taken on holiday. We played cards, told tales of our Kudlers and generally hung out ... on the last night RP appeared in my Elvis costume... my he has that accent down to a 'T'... my how we laughed.. Blue Suede Shoes is forever imprinted in my stuffing!

The biggest realisation that both RP & I had when on holiday is that some Bears do actually work for a living ... not just working at being cute and cuddly but real work!!!

This guy (Billy Bear) works his cotton socks off entertaining very small kudlers ... but hey he does have a way with the ladies oh and cows ;-)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

new look...

Just thought us lazy bears could use a new look .. whatya think ???

I know BB is maxed out with her kuddlers booty skool ... and GT's kudler is having to lie down and take a nap many times in a day ..... my kuddler is maxed out at work too but at the moment is on her 'jolly's'

She has a new friend .... I am distraught.. it is a whizzy new lappytop..... she has no time for me ... however, she is about to go on holiday and I have been leaping up and down shouting 'take me .. take me!'

Gawd I hope she hears me
I even have holiday shorts

oh yeah the American Bear wants to come too !!
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