Thursday, March 26, 2009

trEE tiNGs...

number 1
Sorry fellow bears (GT & BB) but I have had to change the template for our blog as my nasty ISP won't load the other one :-(

number 2
I am outraged as there are bears being exploited around the world have to do ridiculous things just to earn a sniff of honey....... [a word of warning this may shock some fellow bears watching ] this bear in particular has to relinquish his fur .. I am enraged at such exploitation

but what is even worse he was forced in one session to wear this hideous mask

number 3
This weekend it is a bear party over at BT's place ... wow 500 posts that is one helluva game bear .. there is kake, ginga beer and loads of treats for bears and their followers over there...... come on guys ... pick up, put on your party shoes and join in ... bears just love to pawrty ....
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