Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Busy Bear...What Do You Wear?

Just so ya know....I am NOT a cross-dressing bear.

I only did this because I had to.

She MADE me do it!

I had a no choice.

Really! I didn't!!!

On the other hand...It is pretty cute...and kinda comfy...

Ummm....waffles, anyone?


Drowsey Monkey said...

A baby olga ... love it. :)

I missed the meaning behind the waffles, I'll have to go search for that! LOL

SnOwY bEaR said...

You look 'swell' you may just need a little extra padding there but looking good BB

I will be back later I have had a bit of....... ??? erm.....I better not say ... read all later :-)

Grumpy Ted said...

That reminds me - fried eggs for breakfast .........

Busy Bear said...

Drowsey - Waffles flip ' flop...kind like my mind during the decision making process....I think....I could be wrong?....oh dear...

Snowy - I really don't want any padding...I am stuffed enough as it is! (A bit of an ???..DO TELL!)

Grumpy - And how about a nice sausage on the side?

Grumpy -

Grumpy Ted said...

I need a bath first.

Busy Bear said...

Good idea.

Shinade said...

oh my you know you are loving being in Olga's bra. You naughty bear you!!

This is really going to be a fun site.

I wish I had my old Chatty Kathy. I would adopt a dolly I have a lot of sad things to say about her.

I was so mean to her. She suffered such injustices at her own owner's hands.

I am so sorry Kathy truly I am.

Especially since I had one of the first edition and they are worth a small fortune now.

And then of course there were my Barbies.

Oh dear I was mean little child now that I look back.

I better get out of here before I depress myself and need to take confession or something!!:-))

Shinade said...

By the way I just noticed that bra has some pink running down the front.

Are you sure it's Olga's I must go check my drawers!!:-)))

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Check your drawers!?!!!! ...... my oh my

SnOwY bEaR said...

BB I have 'fessed about my make over .. promise not to laugh!!
SB x

Shinade said...

In my dresser you silly you. I checked too because I know you..but I still have mine.

Oh you naughty are a cutey though!!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I thought ... (VEST ed INTEREST)


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