Saturday, June 27, 2009

They Bearly Noticed Us

Way hay ... we did it ... we smuggled ourselves into the huge amount of luggage that was being taken on holiday. I knew me and Replacement Bear (RP) could so it ...

It was way stuffy being stuffed in the boot (trunk for BB & our other American readers)... I must say RP and my years combined add up to a whole huge amount years and that is no way to treat us guys ... but hey we were going on holiday (in secret) so I suppose it is worth it.

Don't ask me where as there ain't no windows in a boot (trunk).

Where ever we were when the kuddlers were distracted unpacking we explored our surroundings.... fizzy booze and chocolate ... how better can this holiday get??

mmm have you noticed how RP made it head long to the 'pop'??

The weather was glorious and me & RP caught some 'rays'... I must say that the heat on the old fur made RP smell a bit!!!

After arduous days lying in the sunshine we spent the evening chilling out with the other stuffed toys Teen Kudler had taken on holiday. We played cards, told tales of our Kudlers and generally hung out ... on the last night RP appeared in my Elvis costume... my he has that accent down to a 'T'... my how we laughed.. Blue Suede Shoes is forever imprinted in my stuffing!

The biggest realisation that both RP & I had when on holiday is that some Bears do actually work for a living ... not just working at being cute and cuddly but real work!!!

This guy (Billy Bear) works his cotton socks off entertaining very small kudlers ... but hey he does have a way with the ladies oh and cows ;-)


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

I'm so envious of RP! He gets to wear an ELVIS suit AND drink champagne! LUCKY Ol' Bear! :)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm going to try and keep this from Grumpy ..... he'll start making demands and I won't allow that!!

70steen said...

What? How? when did they sneak in ???

DP ~Personally I think Grumpy should make a few more demands on you .. he has been quiet for far too long

Olga~ get your cups over here and you can dress up like Elvis and I will get some champers in especially for you hun :)

Busy Bear said...

*YAWN*...Wuz up bruthr bears?....I ben BIZY hibearnaytin....*yawnnnnnn*

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Wow way cool bear party!! I'll have a wee bit of chocolate and champagne!

A box and and a bottle should do...TYVM!!:-)))

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