Monday, November 10, 2008

Jolly Jack Tar.... and the winner is???

Ahoy there me hearties!

Remember me?

Yes it is I the bear who couldn't remember his name.

The dear bears on Dear Teddy ran a competition to see if any of you lovely people out there recognised me.

I have been on tenterhooks for days now as the bears extended the closing date due to Busy Bear being well... very busy smooshing with his friends, Grumpy Ted was partying as it was his birthday and Snowy Bear has had some more cosmetic enhancements (not sure what he has had done this time though but I am sure he will tell you all in due course..).

Anyway this morning I received an envelope delivered by carrier pigeon all the way from The United Kindgom.... how exciting

When I opened it there was a short note from SNoWy which read

'Hey dude here are the names that we have collected these past few weeks. I have put each name on separate pieces of paper, folded up just to make it a bit more exciting for you... good luck....

SnOwY (& BB and GT)'

A 'first rate' idea but why he didn't just e mail me is anyones guess?... I maybe living in a hut with a very strange fisherman but we do have WiFi.. tsk. Oh well anything for a bit of drama hey SnOwy?

So I sat in the sunshine on the dockside all 'bouyed up' and opened each one up in turn.

The first one I opened was 'Sheets O'Brien'. My that made me laugh.
Gosh 'olds Sheets' or '3 Sheets' we used to call him ... mad as a hatter with a gastric problem, if you get my drift. No that ain't me!

Horatio Hetherington-Snogworthy? Nice name, very grand but alas not me (mmm? but it may be useful to adopt when chatting up the ladies, that'll impress them?)
Captain Theodore Stubig? Wasn't he a famous guy off TV? or was that Stubing?
A handsome chap just like me if I may say so..... but again not me.

And so I continued until there was only one piece of paper left in the envelope... I took a swig of 'Dutch courage' from my hip flask. I did feel by now I was 'flogging a dead horse', and 'in the doldrums' as to what was 'in the offing'!

I didn't want to 'make heavy weather' of it so I closed my eyes and unravelled the last scrap of paper...........

Well 'shiver me timbers' this last one sure 'passed with flying colours', the 'son of a gun' recognised me ...........

My name................... my name is .................Ten Cent Tipsy (or 10c for short, pronounced 'tensee').

I immediately e mailed the bears to find out who it was that guessed my name.... I got the reply back just a moment ago (darned time zones there is always someone sleeping when you need them!)

I can hardly contain myself...... I have got a new home with
Hungry Mother.

Hi babe I am on my way.
Whatta ya mean
Hungry Mother is a man??

He has a motor home and he travels around a lot?
Fantastic! ooo I do like the 'cut of his jib'.
Can I sit on your dashboard HM and come on adventures with you..... please?
Oh I am going to love this being a 'landlubber'.

What adventures we will have together and I can tell you yarns of my life at sea you will not believe.

I have packed my bag and I am now off to Busy Bears place until
Hungry Mother emails him to see where to send me next...... please e mail Busy Bear soon I am so excited, riding on the top of a big wave just now.

A BIG Thank you to everyone who took the time to post suggested names on Dear Teddy, you are all so very kind. I will be sure to tell any other 'lost' bears I come across on my travels to pop in here to find a good home. Oh and thank you Pedro for putting me up..... USA here I come.......


Busy Bear said...

This is the best news I've hear all year!

10c has been a lovely house guest, but frankly, if I have to hear one more story about the 'Marches of Dime' I might BUST! (Speaking of which...I hope Humngry Mother isn't too disappointed that 10c isn't a well-endowed female bear.)

Anyway, 10c is all packed and ready to SHIP OUT as soon as I know where to send him...rumor has it they might be heading to warm & sunny Naples, Florida. LUCKY BEAR.

Grumpy Ted said...

Thank heavens that's all over with. I do hate to see a befuddled bear - now where did I put my peanut butter and salad cream sandwich?

Oh .......... I'm sitting on it. Never mind, it's warmed up a bit now.


Hungry Mother said...

I emailed Busy my winter address so that 10c can find the RV. I am a bit disappointed that he's not a mermaid, but we'll have good fun kayaking and fishing in Naples and the Everglades. He won't get bored.

Grumpy Ted said...

Jolly well done Mummy ..... he likes dressing up and wearing high heels if that might help.

SnOwY bEaR said...

well done Hungry Mother. Just a word of warning he can talk the leg off a donkey... you may need to find a suitable box to put him in when you have had enough... maybe Grumpy could help you on that front?

SnOwY bEaR said...

Grumpy you silly old bear, mermaids don't wear high heels they don't have legs .... not like me ahem .. cough!!

SnOwY bEaR said...

BB your ears can have a rest now phew!!!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm with Grumpy on this - the tension has given me sleepless nights ..... ho hum. Time for a snooze. Well done Hungry Mother ..... and good luck!

Busy Bear said...

10 Cent Tipsy is shipping out today...he is so excited about going to Florida, he can bearly stand it!

Kim said...

I love your commenting system Teddy Bears...
I've had fun looking at your delightful blog and I will return when I talk to my toys and organise something with them..
have a happy day Teds :) :)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Kim, be very careful - these bears aren't as cuddly as they seem ..... whoops - ¿ɹǝʇʇǝq sıɥʇ sı - uɐı1ɐɹʇsnɐ ǝɹ,noʎ - ʎɹɹos

SnOwY bEaR said...

Lucky 'tensee' I wish I was off to Florida it is cold and damp here today

Kim can't wait to hear your Ted Tales ... oh and ignore DP we do lol :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

See what I mean! ........ tsk

Busy Bear said...

YAY Kim!!! Glad you stopped by...& yeah, pay no attention to DP...LOL!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hallo BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank yu fer vizitin my blog.
Watcha wanna kno abowt me? Hehehehehe!!!! Do I hav to rite sumthing abowt meself for yu? Gosh! Whare do I start? AN I better not say too mutch abowt my spying aktivytees or I'll hav to kill yor reeders. That's a poynt. Do they speek Bear Inglish? Hmm.. maybe it wud better if yu intervewd me. Then yu can translayte it into English as yu go along. Let me kno!

I luv yor blog!!! This is the sayme template I yewsd wen I began! But I like the bakgrownd effekt.

Nose hugs!

Bob T Bear (esq)


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I've told peepol abowt yu on my blog today an hope they come an find yu cos I rekkon yor blog is grayte :@)

Busy Bear said...

Bob Bear - I think YOUR blog is awesome! And I really like your nose too! Bear Inglish?...yes we speak...but we usually translate our posts into Human English. Except for SnOwY bEaR sometimes has speeling porblems...

Yes....please tell us a story...or 2....or more if you want. :)

SnOwY bEaR said...

Welcome to Dear Teddy.
We would love you to write a post about your life, maybe how you came to be a blogging bear.

Oh an interview wud be so cool ... I will consult wit me fello bears and come up with some questions ..

When is your Bearthday? we will add you to our Bearthday pages (which is in the making... )

Love that you have kept true to Bear Inglish too I have had to go to night school to learn Humany ... gosh it is tuff for a bear of my age wit a hed ful of stuffin' to keep the stuffing from not exploding at times, I slip lowds of tymes .... Grumpy can be quite a well grumpy bear with gramer...

OOps sorry I slipped again... ;-)

Busy Bear said...

SnOwY? Have you checked to see if you have knees? Cuz I don't. Boo-Hoo.

SnOwY bEaR said...

BoB I forgot spying aktivytees.... yeah wouldn't want to kill anyone but silencing 'somebody' would be amusing lol

BB ~ I have just had a look. I have thighs and as it is Friday night (ahem cough)pink satin shoes does that count??

Busy Bear said...

Lucky. All I gots is a teensy weensy little black bra. And NO KNEES! Akkording to Bob, that meens I am not a REEL BEAR! Boo Hoo.

SnOwY bEaR said...

Maybe yur perzonal trainer can help you develop nees?
Just a thort?

RennyBA said...

I'm here from a friend of yours. You know the one who gets better the closer she is - and wanna congrats you for a wonderful award which you very much deserve!

Btw: Wishing you a wonderful weekend and invite you over to celebrate with me :-)

Grumpy Ted said...

There is no way I'm going to speak 'Bear Inglish' - I am terribly sophisticated and have no desire to return to my roots.

However .......b.t.bear (esq.) is extremely welcome here. If I can understand anything that he says it'll be a small miracle though ...

Busy Bear said...

Well la-tee-da GT...arn't we the stuffy ol' bear?!?

HI RENNY!!! Thanks for dropping by...did we get an award?!?

Drowsey Monkey said...

Hungry Mother is a man?

Busy Bear said...

You ARE kidding, arn't you Drowsey? LOL!!!!!!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I think Grumpy is right - someone has to keep the standards up round here ..... and it isn't going to be me!!!!

*B-U-M* - tee hee

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hey don't worry bowt the knees!!! Sumtimes they arent very ovioss. This is very handy for spying, akchewly. I offen jus sit on the shelf an pertend to be not-real. Then I watch wat peepol get up to. I do this is restronts, too.


Shinade said...

What a wonderful name and congrats to Hungry Mother. Now 10c can travel all over and lots of fun!!

he won't be lonely ever again!!:-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm beginning to understand B.T.Bear (esq.) - should I be worried?

SnOwY bEaR said...

@ BoB I av bin wurryin about my nees but yu av put my mind at rest thunk u ... we bears will be in tuch sune .. we wud luv to intaview u :-)

@Shinade a lovely ending to sad a tale he certainly looks like he will have loads of fun

@DP jus Go wit the flo DP u no u luv it....

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